Since the invention of the web, HTTP protocol has come long way.  In the light of increased security threats, data breaches, malware distribution and many other problematic activities, HTTP protocol needed an upgrade.  Well, HTTP version 2 was there over three years now, it was the industry never really embraced the updated protocol.  Concept was originally drawn up by Google in February 2015 with code named SPDY.  While that concept never really took off the ground, since later part of 2015 saw emergence of HTTP 2.0 in its draft form.  To date it is still in the draft form, nevertheless,  about 30% of the top website supports this version.


One of the main reason is securing the communication between server and client.  HTTP2 uses always encrypted method of transferring data between server and the client.  To fully utilize the power of HTTP2, all servers using this protocol must have a valid SSL Certificates installed and configured (although it is not necessary, however browser will throw up warning message regarding SSL CERTIFICATES being invalid).

Another advantage is HTTP/2 send multi header request to the server, thus speeding up the loading time.  This is very big enhancement not just because of loading time, also in terms of Search Engine Optimization, especially now Google places much emphasis on loading time.

Lastly, HTTP/2 uses compression to reduce the data delivery load meaning that it will reduce bandwidth consumption. 


Innovere is hosting company specializes hosting client’s site fast SSD servers using HTTP2 technology and Google PageSpeed Optimised Technology right out of the box.

Friday, May 10, 2019

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